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Experience Precise Fluid Handling With the Best Laboratory Pumps Supplier

Discover a comprehensive selection of laboratory pumps at MBP Inc., designed to facilitate the controlled transfer of liquids, gases, and substances. As the best laboratory pump supplier, we offer both manual and automated options, ensuring safe and efficient operations across various applications.

Diverse Range of Laboratory Pumps for Every Need

Laboratory pumps come in an extensive range, including:

Vacuum Pumps: Create and control vacuum conditions for processes such as rotary evaporation, freeze drying, and filtration in chemistry, biology, and material sciences labs.

Peristaltic Pumps: Ideal for handling sensitive fluids in medical or pharmaceutical environments, offering contamination-free fluid transfer for applications like chromatography and bioreactors.

Syringe Pumps: Provide precise and controlled flow rates, making them ideal for laboratory research, drug infusion, and applications requiring small volumes.

Drum Pumps: Handle hazardous or viscous liquids with ease, available in various configurations such as rotary, piston, or electric based on the liquid type.

Water Sampling Pumps: Collect contaminant-free water samples from various sources, meeting EPA and NPDES guidelines.

Order laboratory pumps online for reliable solutions in fluid handling for your laboratory needs.