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Pressing Dies:

A press die is a specialized tool used in the manufacturing industry to produce products from various materials. It is attached to a press machine and consists of an upper and lower pair. The die shapes materials such as steel, aluminum, and other metals.

The press die passes the material between the upper and lower pairs of dies and then presses it from above and below. This process is repeated until the material takes the desired shape. Press dies come in different types depending on the product being manufactured. Get it from MBP Inc., the pressing dies supplier in Canada and US.

There are four main types of press dies: punching dies, bending dies, drawing dies, and compression dies. Punching dies create holes or shapes in the material, while bending dies create bends and angles.

Drawing dies are used to draw the material into a specific shape, while compression dies are used to compress the material into a specific shape.

There are three main types of press dies. The first is the single-shot type, which creates a single product at a time. The second is the progressive type, which creates multiple products in a single pass. The third is the transfer type, which transfers the material between different stages of the manufacturing process. You can buy pressing dies online from MBP Inc.