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Heated Presses:

Ai HandPress and Hydropress 3″ x 2″ electrically heated presses come with dual built-in digital thermometers and heating platens that allow you to precisely control the transfer temperature.

Both of the models being discussed here come equipped with a digital timer that starts automatically as soon as the platens are fully pressed and notifies you via an audible alarm once the predetermined time has elapsed. You can get heated presses from MBP Inc. We are the best heated presses supplier in Canada and US.

The Hand press is designed to be user-friendly, with a padded handle that is easy to open and close. It also has a built-in adjustable pressure knob, allowing you to customize the amount of pressure applied during pressing. The HydroPress is an ideal solution for electrical-driven hydraulic heated pressing that offers a complete package.

These machines are designed for plug-and-play operation and do not require an air compressor. With its advanced features and ease of use, the HydroPress is a great option for your pressing needs. You can buy heated presses online for your lab from MBP Inc. Order today!