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Shop Efficient Lab Presses Online at MBP Inc. for Precise Pellet Formation

Discover the best supplier, MBP Inc.’s. The range of versatile laboratory presses is designed for creating compressed pellets from powdered materials. Ideal for applications in pharmaceutical development, spectroscopy, and bomb calorimetry, our lab presses offer reliable hydraulic action for shaping powders. With pressure options ranging from 15 to 40 metric tons, our presses cater to diverse research needs.

Key Features of Lab Presses

Flexible Die Options: Accommodate a variety of pellet shapes with laboratory presses supporting different-sized or customized dies.

Hydraulic Precision: Ensure accurate pellet formation through hydraulic action, maintaining pressures suitable for various applications.

Screw Press Configuration: Explore alternatives with screw press configurations for unique research requirements.

MBP Inc.’s laboratory presses provide the essential tools for your research, allowing for tailored pellet shapes and reliable hydraulic or screw press options. Shop for laboratory presses online and upgrade your lab equipment for consistent and efficient pellet creation.