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AT Series Vacuum Ovens;

Introducing the new AccuTemp Vacuum Oven – a top-quality product that is perfect for a wide range of applications, particularly those that involve curing and converting oil extracts.

These vacuum ovens boast several impressive features and are meticulously designed to deliver outstanding performance during your application. AccuTemp Vacuum Ovens are tested multiple times for vacuum leaks and quality to meet the highest standards.

They come with a 2-year warranty. New Ai UL-certified 0.9 cubic foot vacuum ovens are also available, ensuring higher safety and lifespan standards required by many municipalities. You can buy AT series vacuum ovens online from our website.

The oven features a secondary over-temp protection dial, stainless steel tubing/compression fittings, vacuum/vent valve, oil-filled vacuum gauge, 5-sided pad heating technology, aluminum pan shelves, 4th gen LCD low proportional gain temperature controllers, and a two-year warranty.

The AT09 series digital desktop vacuum ovens feature a cubic-foot stainless steel chamber with a tempered glass safety window. They can reduce drying time by maintaining a consistent vacuum level. Each oven undergoes a 24-hour vacuum leak test and quality control before leaving our facilities. Order it today from MBP Inc., the best AT series vacuum ovens supplier in Canada & USA.