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Vacuum Drying Oven:

Vacuum drying is a popular and efficient method that is widely used nowadays. The method offers several benefits, including high reliability, comfort, and energy efficiency. One of its key advantages is the ability to control the temperature precisely due to the separately adjustable and directly heated thermo shelf.

The vacuum drying oven comes equipped with a digital pressure control that provides gentle and fast drying of the chamber load. It is a powerful and sturdy oven that, when used with a speed-controlled vacuum pump, forms a highly efficient and effective duo.

Furthermore, the matching base cabin allows for the neat storage of the pump, keeping your workspace organized and tidy. You can buy vacuum drying ovens online from MBP Inc.

This equipment has a temperature range that can go up to +200°C and a vacuum control range that ranges from 5 to 1100 mbar. It is available in three different sizes, with volumes ranging from 29 to 101 liters. There is also a TwinDISPLAY model variant available.

All door construction models have been VDE-tested and are equipped with anti-splinter technology. The pump control is optimized to rinse the pump membrane, and signal output is available to switch the pump ON/OFF as required.

Additionally, an optional pump base cabinet and an energy-efficient vacuum pump can be added to this equipment. You can order it from MBP Inc., the top-notch vacuum drying oven supplier in Canada and the US.