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Forced Drying Oven:

Forced Air Drying Oven LFDO-A10 is a PID microprocessor intelligent temperature-controlled unit with 30 L of capacity and RT+10 to 300°C of temperature range. With over-temperature protection and precise temperature control, features an LED display with 0.1°C precision and 1 to 9999 min of time range.

Designed with cold-rolled steel with antibacterial powder-coated housing, a stainless steel interior with a round angle structure and adjustable 2 shelves, has a door with a glass observation window for a see-through view. You can buy forced drying oven online from MBP Inc.

Performance and Features

The equipment has a temperature range of ambient +10°C to 300°C and is equipped with a P.I.D temperature controller to ensure precise and dependable temperature control. The mechanical convection helps in circulating hot air, and the adjustable exhaust port/vent allows for flexibility.

The extended-life silicone rubber gasket provides excellent sealing and service life, and can be easily replaced when necessary. The equipment also features a new color touchscreen controller and a USB data collection port for added convenience.

Convenience with Safety

Volumes from 30L to 400L. The inner chamber is made of corrosion-resistant mirror stainless steel. Curved angles for easy cleaning. Anti-skid shelf design allows for easy single-handed operation. After a power loss and return, the Auto Start feature initiates.

The device also includes a temperature deviation alarm and an over-temperature set point that triggers a shutdown with an alarm. Additionally, an independent over-temperature limit controller is present for added safety, and there is an over-current alarm and shutdown. You can get it from MBP Inc., the best forced drying oven supplier in Canada and the US.