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IH series mid-frequency induction heaters operate between 30 and 80 kHz, making them great for various applications such as heating small parts, cutting, brazing diamond tools, soldering copper plumbing fittings, and more. They are reliable, popular, and have low maintenance costs.

The 15kW models are trendy because they offer a large power capacity and small footprint at an affordable price. This makes them standard equipment for many factories, labs, and workshops where 230V AC is available. You can buy mid-frequency induction heater online from our website.

Safety Features

Overvoltage Protection with Overheat Protection:

The machine will shut down if the input voltage exceeds 245V or if the IGBT heat sink temperature goes above 55⁰C. In either case, an overvoltage or overheated light will turn on, accompanied by a continuous buzzer sound. You can resolve the overheating issue by increasing the water pressure or lowering the water temperature.

Overcurrent/malfunction protections:

The machine has an automatic safety system that shuts it down and turns on the indicator light in case of overheating, signal interference, induction coil contact, short circuit, failure, or low input voltage.

In addition, the machine has a low water pressure protection feature that will trigger if the water pressure falls below 29 PSI. Don’t wait too long now and order it from MBP Inc., the best mid-frequency induction heater supplier in Canada and the USA.