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Low Frequency

Our 1 kHz to 20 kHz low-frequency induction heaters are versatile and work well for various applications such as hardening, forging, welding, and melting of metals. They can be used for both ferromagnetic and non-ferrous materials.

The system comprises a power supply, compensating capacitor/transformer, and induction coil/smelting crucible. You can buy low frequency induction heater online for your laboratory from us!

Our heaters automatically adjust to the best resonant frequency to achieve the most efficient heating results. Two of our most popular machines are the Melting Furnaces with Tilt-Pour Melter and Auto-feeding Rod Heating Furnaces for Forging.

Safety Features

Overvoltage protection: When the input voltage exceeds 245V, the machine will shut down, and the overvoltage light will turn on. The buzzer will make a continuous buzzing sound. However, the alarm and light will shut off automatically when the voltage drops below 245V.

Overheat protection: If the temperature of the IGBT heat sink exceeds 55⁰C, the machine will shut down automatically. The overheating light will turn on, and the buzzer will sound continuous. To turn off the alarm, you can increase the water pressure or lower the water temperature.

Overcurrent/malfunction protections: If any of the following situations occur, the machine will shut down automatically: overheating of the machine parts, detection of interfering signals, short-circuit between workpieces and induction coils, machine failures, induction coils touching each other, low input voltage, and low water pressure below 29 PSI.

When the machine shuts down, an indicator light will turn on, and a buzzer will continuously alert you.

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