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High Frequency:

High-frequency induction heaters ranging from 100 kHz to 1100 kHz are among the latest developments in metal heating technology. They can efficiently heat metals like aluminum and metal powders that other frequencies can’t heat as effectively. You can get it from MBP Inc., the top-notch induction heater supplier of high frequency in Canada and USA.

Additionally, these heaters have the unique ability to heat parts from a distance. As a result, they are the perfect solution for annealing fine steel wires (such as those used in dentistry), quenching small precision shafts, brazing hard alloy saw blades, and melting metal powders.

Safety Features

Overvoltage protection: The machine will shut down when the input voltage exceeds 245V. An overvoltage light will turn on, and the buzzer will sound continuously. The alarm and light will shut off automatically when the voltage drops below 245V.

Overheat protection: If the temperature of the IGBT heat sink exceeds 55⁰C, the machine will shut down, the overheat light will turn on, and the buzzer will sound continuously. To turn off the alarm, either increase the water pressure or lower the water temperature.

Overcurrent/malfunction protections: The machine may shut down due to overheating, signal interference, short circuit, machine failure, coil contact, low input voltage, or low water pressure. The indicator light will turn on, and a buzzer will sound if any of these situations occur.

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