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Buy High-Quality Lab Freezers Online with MBP Inc.

Preserve your samples with high-quality lab freezers.

Looking to buy high-quality lab freezers online? MBP Inc. has you covered. Our range of high-quality laboratory freezers is designed to cater to diverse storage needs. Lab freezers offer secure and controlled environments for samples between −10°C and −80°C. Whether you need upright, freestanding, or under-bench models, lab freezers provide a variety of sizes and capacities to suit your requirements.

Salient Features Of Laboratory Freezers

  • Energy-efficient, microprocessor-controlled refrigeration systems
  • Digital, user-friendly touchscreen displays for easy operation
  • Lockable, card-entry, or self-closing doors for enhanced safety and sample security
  • Spark-free versions available for storing flammable materials
  • Audio or visual over-temperature alarms for added precaution
  • Remote temperature monitoring with USB data download capability
  • Inner doors and high-efficiency foam insulation to minimize temperature losses
  • Highly efficient pump systems for fast cool-down times

Trust MBP Inc., the best supplier for lab freezers that prioritize sample security and maintain the integrity of your valuable materials.