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Solventvap 2L:

The Ai SolventVap 2L series rotary evaporators are designed to meet the requirements of various laboratory applications by providing a reliable and efficient solution. Equipped with a modular heating bath, vertical glassware, and digital temperature/rotation control, these rotary evaporators ensure precise and accurate results.

The vertical glassware not only makes the unit compact and easy to use but also enhances its safety. The heating bath’s modular design ensures easy maintenance and customization. Overall, the Ai SolventVap 2L series rotary evaporators are an excellent choice for laboratory professionals seeking a dependable and efficient solution for their applications. Get it from MBP Inc., the best Solventvap 2L supplier in Canada and USA.

The optimized bath volume of the evaporator allows for rapid heat-up times, while the specially designed glass tubes in the condenser unit utilize surface area efficiently. As a result, SolventVap evaporators deliver consistent and reproducible process results that are usually found in more expensive systems.

Additionally, the SolventVap is equipped with safety features such as dry-run protection, water bath over-temperature shut-off protection, and fuse protection, ensuring a safe and secure laboratory environment. Don’t wait and buy Solventvap 2L online in bulk quantity from MBP Inc. Order it today!