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Solventvap 20L:

The Ai SolventVap series 20L rotary evaporators are now certified to meet UL/CSA standards, ensuring safety and longevity. They come with a plexiglass bath cover, PTFE valves, and optimized bath volume for quick heat-up times.

These evaporators are easy to install, use, and store, and have essential safety features like dry-run protection and water bath over-temperature shut-off protection. Get it from us, we are the best Solventvap 20L supplier in Canada and USA.


The Ai 20L SolventVap series rotary evaporators have several features that ensure safety, efficiency, and ease of operation. These features include dual condensers and dual receiving flasks, a water bath cover that protects the evaporating flask and its contents while maintaining uniform temperature and reducing heat loss, and condenser insulation that protects glassware and increases cooling efficiency.

Additionally, the evaporating flask carrier is made of stainless steel and has silicone cushions, making it easy to load and unload onto the water bath. The carrier can also serve as a flask stand.

Swivel casters can be adjusted to ensure that the rotovap stands securely on uneven floors. The gaskets used in the rotovap are made of solvent-resistant PTFE and Viton materials, ensuring long-term operation. Don’t wait too long for now and buy 20L Solventvap online from MBP Inc. Order it today!vvvvv