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Rotary Evaporators:

Rotary evaporators, commonly known as rotovaps, are highly efficient devices used for solvent removal through the process of evaporation. The rotary evaporation method is widely used for optimal extraction and distillation performance. Along with solvent evaporation, rotovaps are also used for concentration, drying, crystallization, separation, and solvent recovery.

These devices are extensively utilized in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and biotechnology, to distill volatile solvents continuously. Get rotary evaporators for your lab from the best rotary evaporator supplier in USA and Canada, MBP Inc.

Their versatility and efficiency make them an essential tool in many scientific research and development processes. In laboratories, solvent removal can be done faster and more efficiently using rotary evaporators compared to evaporation under atmospheric pressure.

This saves time and increases productivity. The formation of a film on the inner surface of the flask during the rotary evaporation process significantly increases the evaporation rate, making solvent removal relatively quick, depending on the volume and type of solvent used.

Rotary evaporators are simple to operate and are commonly found in laboratory environments. You can buy rotary evaporators online from MBP Inc. Order it right now!