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Buy Julabo Online With MBP Inc.

Buy Julabo equipment online and acquire precise temperature solutions.

Discover reliable temperature control solutions with Julabo, a global leader in creating temperature control instruments for research, industry, and science. With a legacy spanning over five decades, Julabo’s premium products consistently deliver precise temperature control when needed most.

From maintaining optimal temperatures in research settings to enhancing industrial processes, Julabo consistently stands as the go-to solution for achieving precision and reliability in temperature control.

Versatile Instrument Range

Julabo offers a great line-up of instruments that are specially designed to carry out different molecular assessments with precision and control. Some of its best instruments feature

  • Refrigerated Circulators
  • Heating Circulators
  • Recirculating Coolers
  • Highly Dynamic Control Temperature Systems
  • Water Baths, and more.

Each instrument is designed to cater to specific temperature control needs across various applications in laboratories and industrial facilities.

MBP Inc. is a supplier of Julabo equipment in Canada and the USA. Elevate your temperature control experience today with Julabo, where innovation meets dependability.