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Buy Huber Equipment Online With MBP Inc.

Buy Huber equipment online with MBP Inc. and get expert precision in your lab assays.

Huber stands as a renowned provider of cutting-edge scientific equipment, specializing in the development of statistical methods for modern biotechnologies. The company excels in applying these methods to biological discovery and subsequently translating them into reusable tools.

With a primary focus on studying biological systems, Huber’s expertise lies in developing statistical and computational methods for analyzing new data types and large systematic datasets.

Huber Appliances: Precision and Innovation

Under the category of Huber Appliances, notable products include:

  • HUBER Chiller with OLED Display
  • HUBER Stepless controlled VPC Bypass M30x1,5
  • Huber Unistat T320 with Pilot ONE,
  • HUBER Unistat with Pilot ONE.

These appliances showcase cutting-edge technology, providing scientists with essential tools for diverse applications, from high-throughput drug assays to quantitative imaging.

MBP Inc. proudly serves as a reliable supplier of Huber Appliances in Canada and the USA.