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Filter Tips

Every lab needs pipette tips that are ergonomic, easy to use, and allow a seamless liquid-transferring process. MBP ensures that laboratory workers are well cared for with our premium filter tips, allowing for a universal fit on research-grade pipettors.  These tips are ideal for molecular biology applications like PCR, next-generation sequencing, cellular analysis, and more!

Filter tips are available with low binding technology for reduced surface tension on the interior wall of the tip. Experience outstanding pricing and premium pricing with MBP’s filter tips.


Pipette Tips for Automated Systems

Automated Liquid Handlers can ease the process of everyday laboratory struggles. However, you must ensure that the consumables being used for these liquid handlers are created with precision and quality materials.

MBP is a well-known supplier of pipette tips. It has been providing pipette tips for automated liquid handlers that are made with precise specifications and allow for a seamless fit every time. We specialize in supplying tips for all major automation platforms, providing equal—or superior—performance to the tips supplied by automated liquid handler manufacturers.

Serological Pipettes

Serological Pipettes are a ubiquitous lab instrument crucial in a lab workflow. These instruments will greatly assist you in cell culture, molecular biology, and microbiology applications. It is important to ensure that your lab does not compromise quality when choosing serological pipette tips.

MBP deals in these pipettes and provides individually wrapped, sterile, serological pipettes that will assist you in precisely transferring liquid aliquots in your everyday laboratory procedures.