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Improved PCR Plates for Better Stability And Evaporation Protection

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Today, the process of PCR is substituting many older detection methodologies in different medical-related fields due to high sensitivity, simple readouts, multiplex and quantification capabilities, ease of use, and throughput flexibility, as well as cost-effectiveness with only reasonable equipment investments.

For these reasons, real-time PCR plate has become one of the most on-demand laboratory disposable consumable equipment, widely used in applications such as genetics, biochemistry, medicine, immunity, and other fields for purposes like nucleic acid sequence analysis, cloning, the diagnosis of diseases, or any experimentation which involves DNA or RNA.

Not only this, but real-time PCR plates are being substantially used in academic research and applied testing settings such as food safety or molecular diagnostics.

For integration in automated PCR, employing a PCR plate with high stability and stiffness is pivotal for safe handling. To cater to this, MBP Inc. offers new Low Profile 0.1 mL 96-Well PCR plates for improved solidity and evaporation protection.

Low Profile 0.1 mL 96-Well PCR Plate Defined.

Our Low Profile 0.1 mL 96-Well PCR plate comprises a rigid polycarbonate frame that ensures high dimensional stability before, during, and after the PCR run. Upon conclusion, the plate does not warp even at high temperatures. This, in turn, not only assists scientists and researchers in safe handling but also helps in evaporation protection through sealing foils, making smaller sample volumes possible.

The solid frame of our PCR plate further enables the use of very thin-walled wells made of hundred percent pure medical-grade polypropylene. The consistently thin wall thicknesses of the wells certify quick temperature transfer from the cycler to the sample, reducing cycle times.

Like all PCR consumables from MBP Inc., our Low Profile 0.1 mL 96-Well PCR plates adhere to high quality and purity standards. Produced under controlled cleanroom conditions, they easily meet the quality criteria of the top-notch quality level.


  • Secure Sealing

Our Low Profile 0.1 mL 96-Well PCR plates ensure reliable sealing with film, proficiently preventing evaporation, thereby preserving the integrity of valuable samples guaranteeing unwavering PCR amplification by successfully disputing any loss of moisture.

  • Enhanced signal-to-noise ratios with frosted plates

MBP Inc. offers PCR plates with frosted surfaces to acquire perfect qPCR signal-to-noise ratios, facilitating reliable and accurate data analysis.

  • Versatility with various skirt options

Using our PCR plates in a broad range of skirt options, you can address your precise experimental needs. From no-skirt, half-skirt, and full-skirt variants, our compatible PCR plates can seamlessly integrate with other instruments for top-tier workflow.

Get An Edge Using Our Low Profile 0.1 mL 96-Well PCR Plates.

At MBP Inc., we offer Low Profile 0.1 mL 96-Well PCR plates designed to cater to your diverse needs. Our plates come in multiple formats, following options with no skirt, half skirt, and full skirt variants. Our versatile and compatible plates ensure seamless integration with your existing laboratory setup.

In case of any queries, don’t hesitate to connect with us. Our representatives are always at your service to answer all your concerns in a timely manner.

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