X-Series Filter Tips

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Filter Tips for Rainin LTS

$ 968.00$ 1,210.00

Eco-Friendly OneTouch Filter Tips

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200µl, Extra-long, Racked, Low Retention Filter Tips (23-0200H)

$ 847.00

200µl Low Retention Filter Pipette Tips,Extra-Long ,Universal Fit, Racked, Sterile.

$ 907.50

200 µl (1-330 µl) OneTouch Barrier 10350 Sorenson

$ 145.20

200 µl (1-200 µl) NX Barrier Tips

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200 µl (1-200 µl) Filter Tips

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20 µl (1-20 µl) Filter Tips

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10ul Racked Filter Tips – 9600 Tips (23-0010A)

$ 1,452.00

1000µl, Extra-long, Racked, Low Retention Filter Tips (23-1251H)

$ 1,210.00

1000µl, Extra-long, Racked, Low Retention Filter Tips (23-1001A)

$ 968.00

1000 µl (50-1250 µl) XT Barrier Filter Tips

$ 145.20

1000 µl (50-1250 µl) OneTouch Barrier 10380 Sorenson

$ 157.30

100 µl (1-100 µl) Filter Tips

$ 121.00$ 130.68

10 µl (1-20 µl) OneTouch Barrier 10320 Sorenson

$ 145.20

10 µl (0.1 – 10 µl) Filter Tips

$ 121.00$ 130.68

Filtered Pipette Tips

These Filter Tips are the face of pipetting technology. Filtered pipette tips are also referred to as aerosol barrier tips as they are fitted with a filter inside the proximal part of the pipette tip, protecting the pipette from aerosols and aspirating viscous or volatile samples into the shaft.  This not only protects the pipette from physical damage that might be caused otherwise, but also protects against cross contamination between samples. These filtered pipette tips are ideal for PCR, qPCR, and sensitive sample pipetting.

Filtered Pipette Tips are a perfect choice tip to utilize while training new individuals who are using a pipette for the first time.  The filter inside of these tips will prevent over aspiration of sample up into the inside of the pipette shaft, which will damage a pipette creating high costs. Whether you are operating a university lab filled with students who have never aspirated a pipette before or a laboratory setting training new technicians on proper technique, filtered tips are a cost effective tool that can be used as a preventative measure towards protecting your pipettes longevity. Any laboratory that uses air displacement pipettes puts their samples at risk of carryover for contamination.  Filtered pipette tips eliminate this possibility, preventing subsequent samples from being potentially exposed to aerosols during dispensing.  As accuracy and sample sensitivity are ever increasing, filtered pipette tips are becoming more commonplace in the lab setting. Pipette Filter Tips are made with medical grade plastic and a robotically inserted 10 µm filter to provide precision and ensure protection when handling any sample. The sophisticated ZAP technology prevents contamination while completely preventing sample-carry over. These tips are innovative and deliver the highest quality sample handling. The precision of the Pipette Filter Tips is unmatched. Pipette Filter Tips are necessary to provide the most accurate pipetting results. These sterile pipette filtered tips come in a variety of forms including:

    • Ultra-Fine Point
    • Extended Length
    • Low RetentionWide Orifice

Sorenson BioScience Filter Pipette Tips

  • Ideal for PCR, DNA amplification, and radioisotope handling
  • The inert,hydrophobic barrier prevents pipettor contamination
  • Over-pipetting will not contaminate valuable samples
  • Universal fit on research-grade pipettors
  • The filter contains no leachable additives
  • Small micron pore sizes,<20 microns

Onetouch Filter Tips Overview:

Pipette Tip Filters offer a liquid-sealing barrier devoid of any contaminates or additives that can cause PCR, molecular, or analytical methodology and protocol issues.

Innovative – Pipetting as you’ve never felt it A revolutionary tip that is manufactured from two resins, OneTouch tips provide a soft color-coded top collar and a rigid,ultra-clear polypropylene body.

Ergonomic – Soft tip requires less pressure to create an optimal seal Tips reduce the necessary sealing and reciprocal ejection force felt with traditional single resin polypropylene tips. Tips are excellent for multichannel pipettors and reduce pipettor wear.

Protection- Seals out aerosols and liquid contaminates while preventing cross-contamination and sample carryover.

Improved Accuracy- Design is optimized for maximum consistency in air flow, form, fit, and function across a broad spectrum of pipetting volumes